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Sunday, March 31, 2013

Learning Language Or Keep Studying wwith SMA?


Okay.. today.. opss.. tonight.. I would like to tell some probs that I have. I didnt know whether it's good or not to plan it early. I'm just concern whether should I learn foreign language NOW or keep learning my school subjects (SMA especially).. Oh.. before that, let me tell u.. I like to learn Russian Language.. (Рисский Язык) and I'm also have a friends from Russia.. but in FB account.. Of course laa not in real life.. haha!I learn Russian language from them.. But I'm not learning the Cyrillics with them! I'm studying it before I found a friends in Russia. Actually Russian language is top 10 hardest language in the world. So it would be a challenge to me. Why Im like to learning Russian language? Because it's has more information.. and Im also can improve my English.. LOL :D

Actually, Russian language is hard.. You know, in Cyrillics, words 'p' means 'r' and 'y' means 'u'~
words 'н' is 'n' .and also!! 'в' means 'v' ! But I can read it fluently because I have learned it long time ago.. huhu.. and one more thing, their 'o' word is so confusing! like for example  in Russian.. fluent means 'свободно ' (Svobodno) is pronounce as "Svabodna". They some time change the O to A. This is very hard and of course, u must learn it from teacher who are actually Russian Native Speaker; :D . Russian will laugh to u if u didnt follow their accent.. (I mean didnt change to A words)

And also! The formal pronounciation is very far away the similar to unformal! The grammar is  so confsing. But I still wanna learn it because it's sound good. (though Espanol is more  good to the others)

Okay! I need to sleep! See u next time! Tomorrow I'm going to school! Assalamualaikum~

Here are some scenery from Russia..

Russian is really cold place.. plus, Siberia (place in Russia) temperature is.. -52 Celsius! So cold! 

Siberian Winter.. Let see the winter in Siberian !

The other u just search to Google.. Im tired for searching it for u.. LOL :D haha