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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solution of Anti-Addicted On Facebook

Ya, I think this works. First, you must Deactivate your account. RIGHT NOW. And second, imagine and programme to your brain that you have died on Facebook. Nobody knows that you've deactivate your account unless you tell them. The second day, don't ever start to think about Facebook anymore and don't sit in front of computer unless you're open site except Facebook.Remember, actually you're not addicted, but it was once you in front of computer, you took too long time to get out from that place!

How to deactivate Your  Facebook Account

Account Settings -> Security -> Deactivate your account (at the bottom of the page) -> Done!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Realization.


Hi, I'm a student, 16 years old. I think I have wasting my time immensely in my holiday :( . I think I have collide with the rutine that I planned for. I wanna study Arabic but most of Arabs person is hard to find on Facebook. But luckily to me I can find Arabs friends which not really lives on Saudi Arabia or what, but they're from Sudan, Egypts. I'm love to imagine immensely that I have go to Egypt and studying on that place but I have no effort (Like reading SMA books and even memorize them).

However, I think I can grab the chance by love to online Facebook with reading & improving my english language. I know, actually how to success in the things we want is Interest. If we doing something involuntary,  it's hard to get a successful and our work will become incomplete and imperfect result. Most of people do not look at this part seriously. Hurm, I will continue this post later k. Thanks for reading ! :)

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Egypts? Jordan? Turkey? Malaysia jelah!

Assalamualaikum.. :)

I'm post this because Im really confuse with myself. I mean... like, I have imagine myself in the future studying on a foreign countries (as the title) but I didnt give any effort to go to that place. Oh, I think so, maybe I have give a bit effort bcoz I'm chatting with Arabs people in Arabic Language. Yeah, that's improve my arabic vocabs a lot. But, I don't think that's good enough since my arabs friends not often in online their Facebook and ALSO,our times is a lot difference since my Egyptian friends clock 5 hours late than Malaysia. so When I wanna chat with them at the morning, they wanna sleep bcoz it's late night. Hueem, never mind, I think I have more Arabic friends who live in Jordan, Sudan, and Alhamdulillah they can help me.  

Or .. should I learn at Jordan, while my Malaysian friend who was finish his study from Jordan University have a lot of friends, Iranian, Turkey, and he has fluent on Turkey language bcoz befreinding with them. That's what I want for because I really like to learn a language. Okay, I have receive a document about Arabic language, see you later! :D