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Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Realization.


Hi, I'm a student, 16 years old. I think I have wasting my time immensely in my holiday :( . I think I have collide with the rutine that I planned for. I wanna study Arabic but most of Arabs person is hard to find on Facebook. But luckily to me I can find Arabs friends which not really lives on Saudi Arabia or what, but they're from Sudan, Egypts. I'm love to imagine immensely that I have go to Egypt and studying on that place but I have no effort (Like reading SMA books and even memorize them).

However, I think I can grab the chance by love to online Facebook with reading & improving my english language. I know, actually how to success in the things we want is Interest. If we doing something involuntary,  it's hard to get a successful and our work will become incomplete and imperfect result. Most of people do not look at this part seriously. Hurm, I will continue this post later k. Thanks for reading ! :)

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